Enlaces sobre Microbiología y Parasitología

  1. American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene
  2. American Type Culture Collection
  3. Association for Professionals in infection Control and Epidemiology
  4. Caribean Epidemiology Centre
  5. Center of disease Control
  6. Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics University of California, San Francisco
  7. Federation of European Microbiological Societies
  8. Institut Pasteur
  9. International Union of Microbiological Societies
  10. List of Bacterial Names with Standing in Nomenclature
  11. Nosobits – Ucl : Hygiene Hospitaliere
  12. Society for General Microbiology
  13. Infectious Diseases Society of America
  14. Universitiy of Wisconsin-Madison Microbiology textbook
  15. Manual Bergey´s de Bacteriología Sistemática
  16. Sanford Guide
  17. The Korean Society for Parasitology





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